Stop by and revive!

About us

SELLENY’S. Our bold, sophisticated coffee day-bar changes at night to a vibrant, edgy and energetic stage to socialise. House sounds, artisanal products and our upbeat mixologists whip you up with their c/mocktails, spritzes & raw food. Stop by and revive!

Viennese coffee house culture

We let the Viennese coffee house culture shine in new splendor. With our in-house MOD Bar, you can enjoy the best coffee in town at SELLENY’S Bar.

Signature Drinks

Our team tinkers on new, delicious cocktail recipes every day in order to offer you a special kind of cocktail experience every time you visit SELLENY’S Bar.

Public &
private events

From cocktail courses and after work parties to private events. At SELLENY’S Bar in the heart of Vienna we offer events for every taste.